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I went to IKEA to buy a few things for my room. What I love about IKEA the most are the demo rooms that they have. They fill it up with decorations and really take the time to decorate it as if it was a real bedroom, kitchen or living/dining space in an actual home. They cater to the majority's sense of style and has always given me inspiration on how to decorate my room.

First thing I saw was the Arrangement Bar. As I get older, I fall in love with nature a little more each time. I love the simplicity of the greenhouse structure in the first image with leaves on the railings. I also love the concept of the middle photo. It has a water pipe with flowers coming down of it. I found this creative.

I found this living space quite modern and playful. Its the type of space that you would have if you have young kids. It has hints of green which brightens the room.

This room reminds me of how my 16-year-old self would design my room. Very pink, feminine and floral. The bedsheets even out the colour of the room. If it had matched the colour of the walls, it would be too pink.


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