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Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is a movie I recently watched on Netflix. It is about an influencer whose life revolves around social media. She captures her everyday movements and shares them online. It got to a point where her digital life put her ‘real’ life in danger. She got into a car accident by her using her phone whilst driving. Her parents sent her away to her grandfather's house whilst taking away her phone and car so that she can live life without being on social media.

At first, she was frustrated that she had to go to a different city that had little WiFi, no phone and not knowing anyone. She was also annoyed that she had no contact with the digital world so she had no idea what was happening at the moment. But on the flip side, she picked up new skills and was able to get to know her grandfather a bit more and eventually made some new friends.

What I've learned from this movie is that life is not based on the number of likes you get on a post and it is better to socialise with people in real life as you learn better communication skills and you are able to create genuine relationships with people.


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