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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Updated: Feb 16

I went to Birmingham for the New Year’s period and decided to go to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery located around the city centre.

From my observation, they have a lot of historical items as well as more current and up-to-date topics that were showcased. I first saw some fashion pieces that were dated back to the 1860s. A few of my favourite pieces was the Cocktail Dress by Christian Dior(1958). This dress is elegant and carries a high-class look to it. The colour choice is very formal and gives it a sophisticated look. Another look I like is the Salwar Kameez (1995) which is a traditional Punjabi style of clothing. It consists of a tunic, scarf and a loose scarf. The choice of colour is vibrant and can be noticed from afar. It brings a sense of culture, diversity and individuality.

As I walked through, there were a few paintings that caught my eye but I didn't really have much interest in taking the time to read the captions next to the images.

One thing that caught my eye was the body image exhibition. I feel like this exhibition is something that the majority of today’s society can relate to regardless of race or gender. I found it real and authentic.

This video is by far my favourite piece I came across in this Gallery. It is a three-dimensional painting created by Patrick Hughes. When looking at it from the corners, the image sticks out but when you directly stare at it, it looks flat.


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