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Chasing Beauty - Is Beauty worth the cost? [Documentary]

Chasing Beauty is a documentary that was released in 2013. It gives an exposure to what the modelling industry involves and what it takes to become a high-end model. The documentary involved models, photographers, make-up artists and plastic surgeons that gave their insight into the modelling business.

The documentary mentioned how the modelling world is a demanding industry and can be very hard to succeed in. You need to have more than just a 'pretty face', as there are some beautiful people who have great potential for being successful models but are extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Models are either scouted or they go through auditions. The majority who audition are fairly young. (roughly around the ages of 12/13, sometimes younger) they mentioned that their biggest fear is getting rejected and this has an impact on their confidence and their self-worth.

"25% of young women would rather win America's Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize"
"23% would rather lose their ability to read than their figures"

My thoughts on the documentary...

The industry is very good as selling its audience a fantasy world. Many young girls and guys look up to these models and celebrities as inspiration and want to live the lifestyle they are living, ignorantly not knowing the dark side of the industry and how it can affect their mental health. I think the documentary was a great way to expose some truths and to clear any misconceptions of being a model.

Growing up, I did feel as though the modelling industry sold a fake type of beauty and still does till this day. If you were not slim, tall, someone of lighter complexion you were seen as unattractive. In the beauty industry today, existing and new brands are more accepting of different skin tones. For example, Fenty Beauty launched her new makeup line in 2017 with 40 foundation shades and has now increased to 50 shades. What I love about her collection is that she really thought about everyone when starting up her makeup line. She made people feel comfortable and fall in love with what she had to offer.


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