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Christmas Decoration Making Class

As we're approaching Christmas, there has been some Christmas related events circulating around. Today at my university, we had a Christmas decoration making class where we made some decorations out of recycled beer cans. There was already some pre-cut leaves made out of the beer cans ready for us to decorate with.

Using a pen, we created our design on the back of the leaves (the silver side) and used a rough paper to scrape off the coloured side of the leaves. I got a little carried away and made a few designs with different leaves and once I was happy with the amount I had, I used a nail to pierce holes into the leaves and used a wire to connect the leaves together. This then made a trail of leaves. There were some I made with a smaller piece of wire. those could be used as baubles to put on a tree.

I found this activity quite relaxing and it took my mind off the stresses from life and uni.

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