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Prior to studying Fashion Communications and Promotion at Nottingham Trent, I was very unsure of what degree I wanted to study. I knew I wanted to study Fashion, (anything other than Fashion Design) and I knew I wanted to do something that involved a bit of editorial work (i.e photoshop, InDesign etc) as I also love Graphics. I started researching what kind of degrees that are in the fashion industry. I initially wanted to study Fashion Journalism as I like writing and I envisioned myself working at a well-known fashion magazine company after I graduate, but was advised that you would be limited to being a ‘writer’. This made me rethink my options as I didn’t want to limit myself to only one thing.

I also thought about studying Fashion Marketing or Fashion Management, but they were very theory-based and I felt like you need to be someone who has a business mindset to study this course, as the course focuses on management skills but in the fashion context. (Side note: having a business mindset isn’t mandatory, but it does help) Again, I wanted something that allowed me to be creative and I wanted to enjoy the course I was studying.

I then found Fashion Communications/ Fashion Promotion and this course was exactly what I wanted. It focuses on the visual communication of brands and how brands communicate their message across different platforms such as social media, print (i.e magazines), retail design (i.e store layout, visual merchandising) etc.. It also entails editorial work such as InDesign and Photoshop, which I love as I learn something new each day.

To an extent, this course was what I expected. The one thing I didn't realise until my first day of university was that we would be working in groups. There are projects where we would be working on our own, but working in groups overpowers working on your own. I am someone who enjoys working on my own and working with people makes me uncomfortable, but so far my fear of working with others has reduced and I've become confident when working with others. Other than that, I really enjoy my course.


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