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"Have your own business THEY said"

I’ve seen on different social media platforms of how people are in the mindset of starting their own businesses, or how business is booming for them which is AMAZING. I 100% would support a growing business, whether it's by purchasing a product or sharing it for others to have a look. I personally have felt the pressures from family and friends telling me to start my own business because "I would be independent" and "I can be my own boss" and "it would be really good for me." But what if that isn't part of my purpose? Is it by force to be inspired by these influencers to start my own business?

No one really speaks on the difficulties they face of having their own business. All you see is pretty products, an amazing website and an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page with a large following. As much as it is great to share your success stories for people to be inspired, business owners should also be open to sharing their trials and errors so that people who are thinking to start their own businesses don't make the same mistakes they did. I am not speaking for all, but I do think that many people go into starting their own business thinking that it's some sort of get rich quick scheme or that they’ll suddenly become successful overnight. They may go to great lengths to quit their job to focus on their career. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but to abruptly quit your only source of income when your business hasn't flourished yet is a very big risk you are putting yourself in.

If starting/having a business was so easy, then why hasn't everyone done it?

Prior to going to university, I studied Beauty Therapy for two years. I really didn’t enjoy it and felt like I wasted my time being there. My mum really hoped for us to work together and build this hair and beauty empire. (She has her own hair business) But I just felt very uncomfortable about having my own business and I didn’t get this excitement of being in the beauty industry.

I honestly feel like if I was to have my own business, it should be something that I really enjoy. Something that I am very passionate about. I shouldn't be bothered about the numbers or the sales because this is something that is coming from the heart. Yes, we all need money in this life to survive but we shouldn't be driven by it. Maybe I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur, and that is honestly okay. I feel like I have been brainwashed into thinking that the only way to have success is to have your own business or the only way to make it in life is going to university and graduating. We as a society should normalise what people want to do with their lives instead of drilling them to be someone they are not.

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