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History of Fragrance

Updated: May 21

I have started a new brief for university and it is all about fragrance. I am excited to see what the module would bring as I love fragrance and anything that smells nice.

History of fragrance

Perfume was first used by the Egyptians as part of their religious rituals. During the old and middle kingdoms, perfumes were reserved for religious rituals such as cleansing ceremonies. During the New Kingdom (between 1580-1085 BC), they were used during festivals and Egyptian women used perfumed oils and creams as toiletries and cosmetics. Some cultures placed a high value on the creation of perfumes as they were thought to help with hygiene and cleanliness and were a symbol of indulgence.

Perfume oils were used on the skin for cosmetic or medicinal purposes. Only the upper class had access to perfumed products as they are expensive and hard to come by.

Fragrance oils and their benefits

Lavender Oil

  • Helps ease anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and restlessness

  • Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can help heal minor burns and bug bites

  • Used to relieve pain from headaches, sprains, toothaches and sores

  • Grown in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean Mountains

Tea Tree Oil

  • Makes a good natural hand sanitiser

  • Kills a number of germs responsible for colds and flu

  • When distilled with water, it can create a mouthwash that helps fight bad breath and dental plaque

  • Helps combat skin inflammation

  • Can be mixed with water and vinegar to create a chemical free, all purpose cleaner for your home.

Rosemary Oil

  • Helps reduce stress levels and boosts mental activity

  • Improves alertness

  • Increases retention of information by enhancing concentration

  • Boosts immune system by stimulating internal antioxidant activity

  • Eliminates negative moods

My favourite oil I like to use is Peppermint Oil. I normally use this on my hair as I have an itchy scalp and this helps to reduce the itchiness and stimulates hair growth. I also love scents that are fruity and sweet.


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