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How it's like living on your own (university edition)

As you may or may not know, I am at university studying Fashion Communications and I decided to stay away from home. Mainly because I wanted to experience life away from home and wanted to see how it was like being an adult.

One thing that I would as a positive is that you have your own freedom. You gain independence whilst living away from home. It helps you to think on your own and do things by yourself as your parents or older siblings (if you have any) are not going to be there to do anything for you. You're entitled to do whatever you want and you can go wherever you want at any time of the day(or night). If you want to leave your room in a mess, that is entirely up to you. (unless you want to get kicked out your accommodation(If you're staying in halls))

Since I live in a studio, it does get lonely living on your own. Its been two months and I still don't know the people that live adjacent to me. Prior to going university, I was always told that being in university would be the "best time of your life" and how your first year of university would be a movie. But so far, it has been the opposite. It really isn't the movie that was portrayed. Don't get me wrong, I've had some amazing experiences but I'm yet to see this 'movie' that was heavily emphasized on before I came to university.

If you live at home and you've never experienced living away, I would highly recommend it. You learn more about yourself and it pushes you out of your comfort zone. (Side Note: only move out when you are 100% ready as it's not easy as you may think)


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