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Kim Kardashian West for the 7Hollywood Magazine

Kim Kardashian recently did a shoot for the 7Hollywood Magazine. She said in an Instagram post to have been wearing Mugler and was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor for her look. 7Hollywood is an international, avant-garde, bi-annual fashion magazine. It was made in Hollywood and features top celebrities and fashion’s leading image-makers.

The image shows Kim Kardashian laying on a white couch. When I first saw this image, I noticed she looked extremely tanned. I could barely recognise her. I genuinely thought this was a black female on the cover. If they had not mentioned her name on the bottom of the magazine cover, I would have thought this was somebody else. Many people have negatively reacted to her cover shoot and are accusing her of doing blackface. As of now, she hasn’t made a statement of her shoot with this magazine company. This hasn’t been the first time she has been accused of doing something as heavy as this. She was called out for doing so on her KKW beauty launch back in 2017. Many fans again complained that she was doing blackface. She later apologised and said she wouldn’t purposely offend anyone. She said she was very tanned on the day of the shoot and the contrast may have been a little off.

In her recent shoot with 7Hollywood, her makeup artists and stylists have done a good job in making her look nice and appealing to her audience but it looks as if her makeup artist used darker products to purposely darken her skin just to get people’s attention and to get people talking. I personally don’t think she is sorry for her actions. If she was someone who was somewhat sympathetic or sensitive, she would be a little careful of how she portrays herself when it comes to photoshoots. Her previous apology seemed scripted and felt as if she said it to get people on her side. I feel like she is using black culture as a marketing tool to gain money and power.


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