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Luxury: Behind the Mirror

I decided to watch a documentary on Kannopy (a video streaming website) called Luxury: Behind the Mirror. It exposes many types of horrors from high-end brands such as Max Mara, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. From how employers are treating their staff in the luxury brand backhouses to skinning animals alive to be used in fur coats and leather bags.

Most of the workers that were shown in this documentary were based in either Tuscany, Italy or China. The employees were overworked and underpaid, with minimal health and safety precautions in the workplace.

Staff was made to purchase their own safety equipment as their manager did not provide them with any when they first started. One man shared his experience whilst working for one tannery in Tuscany. He explained how he lost 3 of his knuckles due to the manager disabling the safety mechanism in the machines so he(the manager) could improve productivity. When seeing a doctor, he told them what happened, but the manager decided to tell the doctor another story. Two ex-workers of the same company decided to leave and were both beaten (one of them was beaten to the point be became unconscious) by the manager and his son as they asked for their pay.

With the brand Max Mara, an Italian Brand, they use animal fur to create their coats. The journalist went to a city called Daying in China to take a look at the factories where they source their fur. They use mainly either rabbit or raccoon fur. They interviewed one young female and she describes the factories and unhygienic and dirty as no one takes the time to clean them. She mentions how the rabbits are put in cages and there would be more than one rabbit in a small, tiny cage. Since the rabbits are put in tiny cages for a long period of time and lack of free movement, they tend to go crazy and fight each other, Leaving bite marks on their fur.

70 million animals are killed per year for their fur

I found this extremely heartbreaking on how people and animals are being treated for an overpriced luxury good. Naturally, I would have thought these brands would treat their employees with at least a basic level of respect with the price they sell their products for. It's crazy how some people would go to great lengths to purchase a luxury item without knowing the implications behind making them.

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