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Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

Updated: May 21

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was founded by Abraham Maslow who was a psychologist. It is believed that our behaviour is driven by our needs and our needs are pursued in a hierarchical fashion.

The hierarchy of needs is divided into 5 sections and in order to go onto the next stage, we need to be fully satisfied in the current stage that we are in. For example, once our basic needs are met, we can go onto the next stage. The first/bottom section of the Hierarchy is Physiological Needs which basically covers basic needs we need to survive such as food, clothing, water, air and rest. The next stage is safety needs which includes stability, security and shelter. Stability can include financial stability such as employment as you know you would receive your paycheck at the end of the month. When it comes to security, you want to feel safe in the environment you are in. Maybe the area you live in has little to no crime rates or your apartment block has 24/7 CCTV. If you feel unsafe in an area, you may want to move to an environment that makes you feel safe. Love and Belonging is a need for love and affection as well as having family and friends, intimate relationships and a sense of connection. Esteem needs is a desire to feel good about yourself such as boosting your self-confidence and a need for prestige items such as owning luxury brands, driving a nice car, living in a fancy apartment. Working managerial roles at a good job can lift up your esteem. In my opinion, when gaining esteem needs in an unhealthy way, it can lead to people being prideful and having too much ego. They may feel as though they are better than those who don't have. Then at the top, is the self-actualisation needs which is achieving your full potential or “represents the growth of an individual towards fulfilment of the highest needs” (The theory of self-actualization, 2013)

For me, I would say I am currently at the stage of fulfilling my esteem needs. The majority of my basic needs are met, and I am in the stage where I need to build my self-esteem and self-confidence. With university, I have this habit of holding back and not really showing my creative side as I feel like my creativity is poor and I tend to compare myself to others and think that everyone else is doing better than me. It makes me question who I am as a person. Unfortunately, I tend to think like that with most things in life, but I decided to use university as an example. As for gaining respect, people would treat me differently if I said I was working towards something. (for example, studying for my degree, or learning how to drive)

I quite like Maslow's hierarchy of needs as it gives an overview of what we need and categorises them at a level of importance.


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