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Mental Health in the Black Community

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I really do think that our black brothers and sisters struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression just like the next person, but it’s definitely looked upon as we have been instilled in our heads that ‘we don't need therapy’ or ‘therapy is only for white people’. We bottle up all of our emotions and traumas only for it to eat us alive as we want to be viewed as strong. Showing emotion makes us feel weak. Showing our weakness and vulnerability may be viewed as a bad thing to the next person. It may show that the other person has won and they have power over us.

- Studies show that PTSD is higher in women of black ethnic origin and this is related to higher levels of sexual assaults they experience. They are also less likely to report it or seek help for assault or trauma

- Figures show that White British people are accessing more help while BME (Black Minority Ethnic) women are more likely to have a mental condition

- A white person with mental health issues are twice as likely to be receiving treatment than someone from an Asian or black background

When I see statistics like these, it breaks my heart. I’ve grown up in a country that screams equality and diversity but when it comes to a black person in need of their help and guidance, they are so quiet. Why should we throw black people under a bus but enrich and better white people? It is understandable that they also need help but that same energy should be kept when it comes to people of colour.

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