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My actual thoughts on the Summative Brief

Now that I've handed in my summative brief, I can give a better overview of how it was like preparing for it.

If you read my blog post on my initial thoughts of the summative brief, you would have known that my combination for this brief was Gothic Noir, Fred Perry & Digital. I would say that this project involves a lot of research and planning. This is so you have an idea of what you are working with. Also being able to plan so that you are not rushing to hand in late on deadline day. You can create a schedule and try to stick to it. For example, you can set out two hours a day for the next two days to research on Fred Perry. This can involve visiting the Fred Perry Store, looking at their website, looking through their social media pages etc.

A few things that I would change are definitely my time management skills. I spent way too long procrastinating and overthinking that I wasted a lot of valuable time that could have easily been used for something more useful. Also, another thing that I would have changed is asking more detailed questions. For my primary research, I created a questionnaire on Google forms to get more of an understanding of other people's perception of the brand Fred Perry. Since my outcome was digital, I wanted to know if people followed Fred Perry on any of their social media accounts, but one question that could have benefited me was if Fred Perry was a brand that appealed to them, what social media platform would they want to follow them on the most? This would have helped me a lot with coming up with different ideas for my final outcome.

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