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My initial thoughts on the summative brief

Updated: Jan 16

I was pretty excited when I heard that we would be working on our own for the summative brief, as I love working on my own and I felt like I would be able to express myself in the highest level I could possibly can. Plus, I don’t have to worry about waiting on others as I do feel like working in a group can be a drag.

For the summative brief, I've been given the trend story Gothic Noir, The store Fred Perry and the outcome as Digital. When I first got this combination, I was a little confused and disheartened. I felt those emotions as I really had no idea who Fred Perry was and I wasn't sure on how I going project this in the ‘right’ way.

I went into the Fred Perry Store in Nottingham so that I can get an idea of who they were. Judging from what I saw, I found it quite masculine and very expensive. To me, I thought the brand was very sport related. I got the idea that tennis was their inspiration when it comes to their clothing. I also came up with different words that relate to the brand and put them in a mind map.

When it came to Gothic Noir, I had some ideas, but again, I wasn't sure if they were going to be right. I researched the trend story and I couldn't find anything interesting. So to break the ice, I thought it would be easier to research separately into Gothic and Noir. I researched into Gothic Art and Architecture to get more of historical background. I also have done a mind map of some words that came to my head when I think of Gothic Noir.

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