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My thoughts on afro hair

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

As previously mentioned in my wash day blog, I have a type 4 curl pattern, which is the kinkiest of curl patterns. Growing up, I did have a hatred towards my hair. I found my hair hard to manage, I felt like my hair was ugly and made me feel unattractive. I would straighten my hair every now and again just so that my hair would be easier to manage, I’ve big chopped my hair for a ‘fresh start’ which only left me feeling insecure. I only felt pretty when i had my hair in braids or wigs. Sometimes, I felt pressured to look a certain type of way to fit into society’s term of beauty. Not to mention the discrimination that happens towards black people who try to embrace their natural hair, only for them to be told that their hair looks ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unkempt’.

When reading headlines like these, it makes me question if the qualities I was born with will ever fit the standard of beauty. Why does a person of colour have to chemically straighten their hair and put their health at risk to find the standard of beauty or for an employer to bat an eyelid at them?

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