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Nick Knight for Craig Green A/W 2015

I was given the image of Nick Knight’s campaign for Craig Green. Craig Green is a London Menswear designer and the image I was given was taken from his A/W 2015 collection. His shots included football and rugby tackles and the theme was Chaos and Aggression with hints of masculinity and strength. When I was given this image, I was very unsure of what the message behind the image was. It took a little while until some ideas came through.

First thing I noticed was the man in the red costume. I noticed that he was mid-air. I assume he used the help of a trampoline to get him in that position. He could be jumping for freedom. He may have felt restricted for a long period of time so was his moment to be free and to escape. The ropes/ribbons that are on his costume really accentuate the freeness and wildness of his movement. Seconds after I noticed the model in red, I noticed that there was another model in the black costume. I initially thought there was only one man who was wearing both the red and black outfit. The colours red and black has some similarities yet are quite different. Red symbolises passion, love, and is emotionally intense whereas black is quite mysterious and elegant, yet secretive. Both of these colours symbolise power and strength. Both figures really do stand out by the white background and I think that takes power to be bold. I assume that confidence is being portrayed in this image. It is no surprise that the black figure is hiding behind the red model. Since black is seen as a mysterious colour, It may be seen as he is hiding something, or he may be up to no good.

I watched a YouTube video of the campaign to get a better understanding of what the image could possibly entail. In reference to the video, I did see a lot of movement. Their movements were like a burst of paint in the middle of white paper. During the video, some of the shots were in slow motion. This puts emphasis on the outfit and detail of what the models were wearing. There was only one model in red and up to three models in black. Due to this, the model in red really stood out. The photographer may have wanted to draw attention to him and make him the main focus. I did sense a bit of aggression between the models and did look as though they were fighting. This may cause them to view each other as competition or they may have been fighting for the spotlight. There was a bit of music playing in the background which sounded like wind and a helium balloon being deflated. The sound was not continuous and was sparsely played throughout the video. Music can be a form of distraction and it looked like they needed to focus to get their movement correct.

I assume that the creative team’s concept of this image was for their campaign to be creative and wanted his collection to be shown in a unique manner. I feel as though they wanted something that people are going to remember for years to come. For example, how all of the models were jumping in the air, it really shows how the models were free and had a child-like mindset to do what they want yet, follow the instructions that the directors told them to do. I assume they are trying to showcase the clothing that is worn in the campaign and wanted to show the durability of the clothing. Even with all of that movement, there are no tears in the fabric. This shows how strong and long-lasting the material is

Overall, I think this image had a lot of meaning behind it. From one angle, it had an aggressive tone and looked as though the models were fighting, then from another, it looked like they were searching for freedom and they had finally found it. Personally, I did find it hard to find different interpretations of the image, but this analysis has helped me on how to interpret images in the future.

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