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Nottingham Contemporary

I visited the Nottingham contemporary to gain insight on the different galleries and exhibitions that occur in Nottingham, and a way to get to know the city a bit more. I was also curious to see what this gallery had to offer.

My first impression of the building was quite modern, the architecture of the building is what stood out for me. I was curious to know why the building was designed like that. I am very much attracted to modern architecture, especially with houses.

There was three exhibitions that was going on from artists such as Denzil Forrester, Sung Tieu and Diane Simpson each taking one room. Denzil Forrester was the first exhibition I visited as this was closest to the front door. He is a Grenadian born British artist who came to the UK in 1967. He incorporates his Grenadian culture with a mix of London/British culture in his work. My favourite of his pieces is Night Strobe, which was created in 1985 and used oil painting on canvas as his medium. This image has a busy atmosphere and looks like it could be in a club setting with loud music playing in the background. The people in this image could be enjoying themselves and are in tune with the rhythm of the beat. Overall, his work reminds me of London, which is where i'm from, so it made me feel at home. The use of space in this exhibition was minimalistic, spacious and modern. I found the white background calming and had the ability of making me focus on the images shown on display. If they had used any other colour it would have diverted my attention.

I briefly looked at the other two exhibitions but didn’t really take the time to digest what was going on as their work did not interest me as much but i will insert some pictures I took. One of the artists was called Diane Simpson who is a Chicago-based artist. This exhibition incorporated sketches and sculptures that she has handcrafted. The other artist was Sung Tieu who is a German-Vietnamese artist based in London. Her work consists of sound installation, video, sculpture, photography, performance and public interventions.


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