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Red, Black and Mystery

In today's task (19/11) we had to pick 3 adjectives from our visual analysis that we had written and found images that relate to the word. The words I chose was Red, Black and Mystery. I went around my university and the city centre and found images that relate to my words.


These images were taken around my university and they give me an idea of mystery. I purposely found places that were quiet and had no one in them. It made me wonder why there was no one there? Where do the images with stairs lead to? They were places that made me want to know more and see more.


I wanted to see how the colour red was used in signs. Red is used mainly in 'stop' signs and may be seen as dangerous or unsafe.


When it came to finding things with the colour black, I used the brand Lush as I knew that black was a dominant colour for their brand. There is some sort of simplicity with their packaging and the white writing does stand out against the black background but it makes me wonder what is actually in their products. Lush has always been known as a company who use natural ingredients in their products but it makes me wonder: Are they really who they say they are? Do they stand for what they believe in? Why did they choose black as their packaging? Are they hiding something? This makes me feel like they are being secretive and are not 100% sincere with what they stand for and who they are as a brand.

I found some other images that incorporate both Black and Red. Mentioned earlier, I do see the colour red as a colour that means 'stop' and it does hold so much power. Red is seen as a dominant colour and it stands out quite well against the black.

Once, we had taken our photos, my group and I printed the ones we liked the most and layed them out on the floor and began cutting. Whilst in the process of cutting we began placing our images on the wall.

This is our end result. There was not much in-depth planning that took place prior to creating our collage, as we didn't have much time, so we had to think on our feet. We just placed images where we felt like made sense. There is a lot of travel that takes place in our collage. (e.g the lorry on the bottom left-hand corner, tram tracks on the right-hand corner, stairs.)

I liked this task as I found it creative yet relaxing. It made me curious as to what images other people have and how they interpreted the task.

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