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In Tuesday's Lecture (22nd Oct) we spoke about sketchbooks/workbooks. Depending on your creative background, you may be used to calling them either sketchbooks or workbooks. Either way, they mean the same thing.

What was said?

Today's lecture was about finding your own voice. It was about using your sketchbooks to express yourself to the best of your ability and we should not overthink or hold anything back. My lecturers encouraged us to let our creative thinking come alive. They are also encouraging us to come out of comfort zone and try out new things that we wouldn't normally consider doing. We should also see failure as a good thing, as it is a sign of growth. If something does fail, we should not give up. One thing I do remember from when I was in college, my tutors would always tell us to document everything, even the things we don't really like.

We shouldn't compare our sketchbooks to our friends or with others in our group as we are more likely to judge ourselves and lose our creativity in the process. For example, Your friend maybe someone who is more visual and likes to add a lot of images whereas you may be someone who likes to write so you may be good with your words and writing comes freely to you. It is good to be inspired by people, but don't let that inspiration take full control of your identity that you lose who you are as a creative.

Going back to coming out of your comfort zones, if you know you are someone who is not so great at digital work such as Photoshop, InDesign etc, then you can take the time to learn how to use such programmes as you never know, with time you may become an expert and enjoy working digitally.

We should look at our sketchbooks as a point of progression. When we reach our third year, we can look back on our sketchbooks from our first year and see how much growth and confidence that has accumulated throughout the years.

Page examples of my sketchbook


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