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The Wall Street Journal - Adut Akech

Adut Akech was photographed for the February 2019 issue of The Wall Street Journal Magazine. The images were shot by Cass Bird who is an American Artist, Photographer and director. The images were shot in Brooklyn, New York.

First thing I noticed from the image was the model. She is staring directly at the camera. She is aware of the photo being taken of her. She may also have a sense of assertiveness by the way she is looking into the camera. The model has kept a straight face. She could be either showing no emotion or she is very good at hiding her emotions. Her hairpiece is covering her eyes slightly. Some may say that the eyes can tell a story. It can show how you are feeling at that present moment. Her hairpiece that is covering her eyes can leave some type of mystery and can be distracting to the viewer. They are unaware of what kind of emotion the model may be going through and may find it hard to connect with her.

The model is wearing little to no makeup. The creative directors may have wanted to capture her natural beauty. They also may want to show the younger audience (or anyone for that matter) that you do not need makeup to define your beauty. I mentioned the younger generation as they may feel pressured by their peers or by social media to look a certain way.

She(the model) looks as though she is walking somewhere. Judging from her dressing, she may be going to a high profile event, meeting or possibly a funeral, as the main colour of clothing is black, this shows that a person is mourning. Black symbolises death but can also symbolise mystery, sophistication and authority. Her Outfit creates some sort of curiosity, as we can only see the top half of it. It makes the viewer question if she is wearing a dress or a top.

The setting is done outside, possibly by a high street as there are stores behind her. There are also cars parked and a car in it’s moving state. This could be in a busy area or could be during peak times when people have finished work. The sounds that are in the surrounding area could be cars beeping, people talking and laughing and music blaring from peoples cars.

I decided to watch a mini clip of the photoshoot that took place and throughout the photoshoot, the model looked quite happy and carefree. She was dressed in colourful attire walking through the streets of Brooklyn.

Images from the shoot


Link of the video:



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