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Tuesday's Seminar (31/3)

For Tuesday's seminar I had to create 3 visual mood boards on 3 different topics. In my opinion, i had to find images that were of relevance to the fragrance market. I also created a mood board that related to a perfume of my choice and the final mood board was of a theme of my choice.

For the fragrance mood board, I picked Réve Elixir by Van Cleef & Arples. I've owned this perfume before and I love the smell of it. I would describe the smell as floral and sweet but also has a sensual smell to it. I decided to use some of the ingredients in this perfume to create my mood board. With the second Moodboard, I decided to go for the theme Natural Rituals, the thing that came to mind when thinking about the theme was nature, flowers, essential oils and i wanted to incorporate that in my mood board.

I didn't do a mood board that related to the fragrance market as i was struggling to find visuals to back up my ideas. My overall thoughts of the fragrance market is that they sell a fantasy. Most perfume campaigns have the models wearing nice clothes and is set in a nice location. They sell an idea that if you buy a particular perfume, you can get any guy/girl you want as you will smell good, and people will be drawn to you.

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