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What is new with me?

I moved to Nottingham last month to complete my degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University. To be very honest, I found the move to a big city quite daunting. (which is unusual to say coming from someone who grew up in London) I pretty much spent most of my early days in my studio. I missed out on a lot of freshers events mainly because I was scared to meet new people. Before moving to university, I did feel extremely anxious about going as I already knew that I would be a lot older than the majority of my classmates. I felt like I wouldn't fit in or I would be deemed as 'too old'.

Why Nottingham?

I chose Nottingham as I heard it was a fun and vibrant city. (It really is!) There is always something to do or somewhere to go literally every day of the week. It is a student filled town, due to there being two well-known universities in the area. (University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.)

Why Fashion Communication?

I've always loved fashion ever since I was young. I saw clothes as a way to express my personality. I initially wanted to do Fashion Design as a degree, but I couldn't draw so I was pretty much confused as to what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do fashion, but I didn't know what fashion related course would fit me best. Prior to coming to university, I did an Access to HE course in Art and Design and that really helped me find out what i was good at and what I wanted to do as a degree. I noticed I really loved Photography and Graphics and I felt that Fashion Communications suited me best as it combines Fashion with Graphics and Photography.

In a nutshell, Fashion Communication is how fashion is communicated and promoted to the target audience through different media outlets, such as social media, blogs, magazines etc. So far, I love the course that I am doing as it allows me to be free and creative. It also allows me to be able to think outside the box and do things out of the ordinary.


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