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Zoologist - Thursday Lecture 2/4

Zoologist is a perfume company that was founded by Victor Wong in 2013. They are inspired by their (animals) habitats, behaviours, and looks. They are also intrigued by the differences and similarities there are between humans and animals. Their website states that “their products are free from natural animal derived musk’s and have been replaced with synthetic ones for ethical reasons”

Their logo looks as though it was inspired by Greek culture. The letter ‘Z’ is highly noticeable. They have kept their colour scheme as black and white throughout their logo and their website. Which, in my opinion, looks plain but also helps the viewer focus on the product rather than the aesthetics of the website.

They have included a blog, which is a great tool to have as it gives the consumer a chance to get to know the brand on a personal level. Some of their blog posts consist of Perfume Reviews, Interviews & Press.

We had a lecture by the Zoologist team and they set us up with a few activities, one of them was to pick an animal that was listed on the PowerPoint or we could choose any animal of our choice, but it had to be an animal that had not yet been used by the company. We had to create a mood board that communicates our chosen animal. When thinking of ideas, we had to think of the animal encounters in its day to day life, where do they live, how would it smell like? What does the animal remind of you of? We also had to write a small fragrance story to describe our scent.

I chose the animal Scorpion and the first instincts that came to mind was they stay in dry humid weather and they predominantly reside in deserts. My vision was to have people smell and feel the warmth of the desert without actually being there, since the heat is unbearable and Scorpions also stay under rocks and logs during the day to keep cool. I also wanted to relate it to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio’s are known to be quite mysterious and passionate and I wanted to incorporate that in my scent story. The smell of the Scorpion would be spicy, sensual and woody with a hint of floral and sweet, then finishing off with a burnt wood or musky smell. Some examples of these smells would be cedar, sandalwood, oud wood, vanilla and jasmine. I would choose to name this fragrance ‘Kunama’ as this means Scorpion in Hausa Language.

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